Food Labelling Scandal

"We need to legislate for accurate and truthful labelling of country of origin, palm oil and products containing genetically modified ingredients."

Current Australian labelling laws don't even allow consumers the opportunity to know the origins of the food they are purchasing and consuming. In fact, in many cases, these laws are less than useless -- they are downright misleading.

Under the current rules you can describe a product as 'Made in Australia' so long as 51% of the value of the product has been 'substantially transformed' in Australia. That includes the packaging, so you could have 'Made in Australia' orange juice with 90% Brazilian concentrate in it. What a joke!

Similarly, Palm Oil -- which is a leading cause of deforestation in South East Asia and the death of Orangutans -- can be labelled as 'Vegetable Oil'. This means consumers have no way of knowing if they are purchasing a sustainable product (as there is sustainable palm oil available).

I believe the current labelling laws are bad news for consumers and even worse for our farmers.

Australians want to buy Australian and support local producers, but unfortunately most politicians have caved in to industry lobbyists.

I have campaigned relentlessly on this issue since 2008. With your support we can change the law to give Australians the truth in labelling laws they deserve.