Dumping Crisis

"Dumping occurs when a company sells goods in Australia below the price it charges in its domestic market - this costs Aussie jobs!"

Essentially, dumping puts Australia companies at a significant disadvantage because they cant compete against these cheap below-cost imports.

Examples of goods which have recently been found to have been dumped in Australia include glass, toilet paper, steel, oranges and preserved mushrooms.

With over 100,000 Australian manufacturing jobs lost since 2008, it is now more important that ever to protect local industries.

Government is able to apply duties against dumped goods to protect Australian industry. The catch is to have these duties applied, Australian manufacturers have to lodge a lengthy, expensive and onerous application with Customs to request that they conduct an investigation.

I've introduced a Private Senator's Bill aimed at strengthening the current application process, making it easier for Australian businesses to prove their case that goods have been dumped.

After lengthy consultation on the issue, Government has adopted some of my proposed amendments and there have been several stages of legislation to implement the reforms. Government has made some progress, but we still need to go much further to protect Australian businesses and jobs from unfair competition.