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“Pokie-Leaks” Campaign Ramps Up War On Gambling Down Under - September 28, 2016

The campaign is the latest salvo from the anti-gambling war chest of MPs Andrew Wilkie and Nick Xenophon. Since the federal election, the pair have been on the march to bring pokies operators to book over “addictive” machines. The Pokie-Leaks team, ...and more »

Four-week dole wait gets Hanson nod as youth work ethic in sights

The Australian - September 28, 2016

The Nick Xenophon Team has said it was inclined to support the policy with adequate safeguards, but it is now being fiercely lobbied by social welfare groups warning of unintended consequences. Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm has said he supports ...and more »

OPINION: We don't want aplebiscite under anycircumstances

Same Same - September 23, 2016

The Greens, the Nick Xenophon Team and Derryn Hinch have said they will block a plebiscite. If, as seems likely, Labor joins them, we have the majority necessary to ditch this pernicious plan. The LGBTI community should be proud of this achievement. A ...

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South Australia braces for more wild weather

Sky News Australia - September 29, 2016

South Australia is bracing for a second day of severe weather with heavy rain and destructive winds to lash large parts of the state. An intense lower pressure system will continue to move across SA after super cell thunderstorms brought down the ...and more »

Power outages continue across South Australia as wild wild lashes the state.

The Advertiser - September 29, 2016

“It's estimated that around 80,000 lightning strikes hit Adelaide and South Australia over the course of the last period, some of them hit our electricity infrastructure, including our generators. “This is also making the job of turning the power back ...and more »

Storm knocks out power to entire state of South Australia - September 29, 2016

A mass blackout began on Wednesday afternoon, after a storm took down three transmission lines and nine towers in the Port Augusta region, forcing the electricity connection between South Australia and Victoria - known as an "interconnector" - to be ...and more »

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Australian politics: How did we get here? With Mark Di Stefano

ABC Local - September 29, 2016

Less than three months after the double dissolution election, Australian politics is as chaotic as ever. How did we get here? BuzzFeed political editor Mark Di Stefano followed the campaign trail and revealed all in his new book What a Time to Be Alive.

Australia supports Baku's efforts for solving Karabakh conflict

Trend News Agency - September 29, 2016

During the meeting, John also said Australia and Azerbaijan have a big potential for developing cooperation in political and economic spheres. In particular, there is good potential for cooperation in agrarian and tourism spheres, he said. During the ...and more »

The real reason politics has 'gone mad'

Eden Magnet - September 28, 2016

Politics has "gone mad", and Australian politicians shouldn't blame a rising tide of anti-Muslim sentiment or opposition to multiculturalism as the main reason. Instead, according to Labor finance spokesman Jim Chalmers, it's because of a "deeper ...and more »

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The real agenda behind amending 18C: sending a message to minorities

September 02, 2016

Why doesn't anyone talk about 18D? It's a cracker of a read. Every line packs a punch, every beat lands, every story arc is realised. It's not so much the sequel to 18C as its completion...and more »

For or against: The Census debate

The Advertiser - August 05, 2016

AGAINSTNick Xenophon..and more »

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