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Four-week dole wait gets Hanson nod as youth work ethic in sights

The Australian - September 28, 2016

The Nick Xenophon Team has said it was inclined to support the policy with adequate safeguards, but it is now being fiercely lobbied by social welfare groups warning of unintended consequences. Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm has said he supports ...and more »

Asbestos importation: push for Senate inquiry wins cross-party support

The Guardian - September 22, 2016

The Australian Council of Trade Unions has pushed for a Senate inquiry into asbestos importation which will likely succeed after winning broad cross-party support. Labor, the Nick Xenophon Team, the Greens and Pauline Hanson's One Nation all support a ...and more »

NXT to Turnbull Government: Show Some Leadership On Women

Huffington Post Australia - September 22, 2016

NXT Senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore (l) and the Nick Xenophon Team. CANBERRA -- Nick Xenophon Team Senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore wants the Turnbull Government to show leadership on her "red flag" issue of gender equality despite it grappling ...

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South Australia weather: Wild winds and heavy rain expected

ABC Online - September 28, 2016

Wild weather is expected to hit South Australia over the next couple of days, with gale-force winds due to reach the west coast from about midday. The "vigorous cold front" would hit Adelaide early evening, and between 50 to 100mm of rain was forecast ...and more »

Daylight Savings is back, Australia. Here's what you need to know

Techly - September 28, 2016

Now that Spring is in the air, it's time for everyone in New South Wales, the ACT, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia to 'spring ahead' and put the clocks forward. The lucky kids in Queensland, the Northern Territory, and Western Australia don't ...and more »

SA braces for extreme wind, rain

SBS - September 28, 2016

South Australians are preparing for one of the most extreme weather systems to hit the state in recent decades. Drenching rain and potentially storm-force winds are expected to lash large parts of SA on Wednesday and Thursday. Winds strengths not seen ...and more »

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Gambling Disease Kills One Australian a Day, But It's Too Lucrative to Cure

Bloomberg - September 28, 2016

There's scant will for political change: the industry is a major donor to lawmakers, including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's coalition, and previous attempts at reform have failed. Australian states and territories reaped A$5.8 billion ($4.4 ...and more »

Ban on Muslims? It's a standard Aussie response

Independent Australia - September 28, 2016

Such is the depravity of politics, globally, that Turnbull defended Australia's concentration camps at the same time as he was making a bid for Australia to win a 2018 seat on the UN Human Rights Commission. Meanwhile – such is the logic of top-down ...and more »

Politics stops gay marriage

Herald Sun - September 27, 2016

Mr Turnbull is believed to have agreed to put the question to the Australian people as part of the price he paid for the conservative votes he needed to topple Tony Abbott as prime minister. A plebiscite, which is non-binding, was Mr Abbott's ...and more »

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The real agenda behind amending 18C: sending a message to minorities

September 02, 2016

Why doesn't anyone talk about 18D? It's a cracker of a read. Every line packs a punch, every beat lands, every story arc is realised. It's not so much the sequel to 18C as its completion...and more »

For or against: The Census debate

The Advertiser - August 05, 2016

AGAINSTNick Xenophon..and more »

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